SlumberPod Review from a Mom of 2

Why this has become my top family travel essential

By Katy Cirrone, Wakefield Macaroni Kid Publisher April 18, 2024

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When you have your first child, it’s hard to know which of the millions of baby gear products recommended by family, friends, and reviews are actually worthwhile. I remember my baby registry absolutely filled with items I had meticulously curated based on valuable insight from friends and family members who had kids before me. But it wasn’t until my daughter was just over a year old that I purchased what is now one of my all-time favorite products over 4 years later: the SlumberPod.

What is a SlumberPod? 

My way of describing it is a blackout tent that is easily set up over a pack n’ play, crib, or toddler mattress. Especially when paired with a sound machine, you can have your little one sleep in the same room you’re in, uninterrupted. I sing SlumberPod’s praises to anyone that will listen and wish I had invented it myself.

When do you use the SlumberPod? 

There are so many occasions in which we have used our Slumberpod. It started off as our solution for hotel rooms on vacation, as we’d book a regular-sized room and have our daughter sleep next to the bed in her crib/SlumberPod. We could go about our evening watching TV or preparing for the next day with the lights on, no problem. Both of our kids sleep better with the SlumberPod in places like grandparent houses, where the rooms are much brighter than they’re used to at home (no waking up with the sun!). And the SlumberPod also comes in handy for scenarios like transitioning two kids into room-sharing, having the youngest use it with sound machines between them. 

What are the best features of the SlumberPod? 

  • Blackout for good sleep - This is the obvious one! This fully keeps the light out so your little one can sleep as long as they need without sunlight waking them.
  • Compact and easy to transport - It typically takes up about ¼ of a carry-on suitcase and easily fits inside the bag it comes with, which has its own carry strap.
  • Easy to put together - All you have to do is drape the large piece of fabric over the pack n’ play, crib, or mattress, and put together the 2 tent poles that feed into loops in an X formation. If you’ve ever set up a tent, the poles are similar, but the overall process is easier.
  • Pockets for fan and monitor - I find I don’t need a monitor since I’m usually close by when we use it, but it’s good to have this as an option. The fan is a nice touch
  • Fits over a variety of sleeping devices - We’ve used this over a pack n’ play, cribs in hotels/Airbnbs, and a toddler mattress. The material on it is stretchy and it offers a good amount of space underneath the tent.
  • My kids have loved it - Both of my kids started using the SlumberPod when they were a little over age 1, so they were young enough to not care, and grew to actually like sleeping in their own tent.

Where can you purchase or get more information?

Purchase on Amazon for $179.99 without the fan and $199.99 with the fan included. If you prefer to support local, Tadpole in Boston carries SlumberPod. Learn more at