5 Daycare & Preschool Essentials

Grab these for a smooth back-to-school season!

By Katy Cirrone September 12, 2022

September is here and today I wanted to share my top 5 daycare and preschool essentials, all of which we’ve used for the past couple of years. If you’re not already stocked up, click the links for some quick purchases, most of which are available on Amazon and Target. Happy Back to School season!

  1. Backpack - My top picks are the L.L. Bean Junior Book Pack or the Pottery Barn Mini Mackenzie Backpack. Both fit quite a bit for being small enough for toddlers and preschoolers. Your little one may prefer the Pottery Barn option thanks to the different prints - many with familiar characters - it comes in. STATE Bags are another option with plenty of fun color combinations and they currently have a line at Target.
  2. Lunchbox - I recommend having  a few different lunch and/or Bento boxes so you have variety depending on the food you’re sending. But don’t feel like you have to spend tons in this department! Bentgo boxes go on sale often, Target has several affordable options, and EasyLunchboxes on Amazon are much simpler containers that come in multi-packs.
  3. Thermos Funtainer - Thermos Funtainers are great for keeping hot foods like chicken tenders, leftovers, etc. hot. It also keeps cold foods cold, but our school puts the whole lunch box into the refrigerator; you may want to ask about how your school stores food.
  4. Water Bottle - My daughter drinks a ton of water so our teachers prefer we send a bigger cup. I’ve found the best to be the Contigo Autospout for both school and on-the-go in general, as they don’t spill and are easy to use and clean. 
  5. Name Labels - These are key for making sure your child’s belongings don’t get lost. Name Bubbles has lots of kinds of labels, including dishwasher-safe for food and drink containers and others that stay put on clothing tags, and you can get them in value sets. It seems like there are several other companies that sell these now but I can’t speak to the quality. We’ve been using the same pack for 2 years now!